CMOST - System-Level FPGA Synthesis

Software description: 

CMOST is a system-level design automation framework for FPGA. The main features are:

  • Analyze and extract system-level information and generate task level data model
  • System-level optimizations for parallelism, task mapping and scheduling, pipelined streaming and data organization
    • Module evaluation using high-level synthesis
    • System-level module selection and duplication
    • Data reuse optimization and efficient RTL implementation
    • Block-FIFO based on-chip streaming buffer generation
    • Automated burst access to external SDRAM memory
  • Push-button implementation flow from C with pragma to executables
    • Host software executable binaries with hardware interfaces
    • FPGA configuration bitstream containing accelerators for kernels
    • Automated RTL simulation (need Xilinx license for AXI_BFM)
    • CPU+FPGA execution¬†(under development)

For details, please visit our project website, or contact with Peng Zhang.