UCLA Samueli Faculty Join New Effort in Next-Generation Electronic Technologies | UCLA Samueli School Of Engineering

The VAST lab is pleased to be part of the Center for Processing with Intelligent Storage and Memory (PRISM) under the JUMP 2.0 program led by UC San Diego in collaboration from Professors Jason Cong and Yizhou Sun from UCLA.  The UCLA research focuses on developing novel compilation and programming support for cloud-scale in-memory and in-storage acceleration in distributed and disaggregated settings, with the goal of enabling the design of accelerators of arbitrary-size with “unlimited” high-bandwidth memories connected to computational storage with “unlimited” capacity (via disaggregation) to support intelligent memory and storage (IMS) systems;  and showcasing transformative innovations in IMS systems on data-intensive grand challenge.   Please see UCLA Engineering announcement for more details: https://samueli.ucla.edu/ucla-samueli-faculty-join-new-effort-in-next-generation-electronic-technologies/