VAST Lab at DAC 2022

During July 10th and 14th, Prof. Jason Cong and members of the UCLA VAST attended the DAC 2022 conference and participated in a wide range of activities, including presenting three research papers and a tutorial, moderating a panel on the future of EDA, co-organizing the Road4NN workshop, and presenting three four papers in the Ph.D. Forum and Young DAC Fellow programs. Some of the VAST lab alumni also had a reunion before DAC.   Here are some highlights with photos.  

Prof. Cong was awarded the IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal at the DAC opening session.


Prof. Cong hosted a research panel “What are the big opportunities in the next renaissance of EDA?”, with guest panelists including Sankar Basu, Timothy Green, Prith Banerjee, Jan Rabaey, Tim Cheng, and Jayanthi Pallinti.


Prof. Cong presented “Democratizing Customized Computing with Automated Accelerator Synthesis” at the special research session on “New Perspectives in High-Level Synthesis”; he also presented in a tutorial with Daniel Tan on “Qubit Mapping and Scheduling: Gap Analysis and Optimal Solutions” as par to the half-day tutorial on “Scalable Design-Program-Compilation Optimizations for Quantum Algorithms: Using Quantum Neural Network as a Case Study”


Linghao Song presented his paper “Serpens: A High Bandwidth Memory Based Accelerator for General-Purpose Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication”


Neha, Stephen and Suhail presented at the DAC Young Fellow Program


At the DAC Ph.D. Forum, Licheng Guo presented his Ph.D. thesis “Co-optimization High-Level Synthesis and Physical Design for Rapid Timing Closure of Larg-Scale FPGA Designs”


Atefeh presented her work “Automated Accelerator Optimization Aided by Graph Neural Networks”


The VAST lab and Hanrui Wang from MIT had a pleasant dinner together.


Daniel and Prof. Cong presented a session ‘Qubit Mapping and Scheduling: Gap Analysis and Optimal Solutions’ inside the tutorial ‘Scalable Design-Program-Compilation Optimizations for Quantum Algorithms’.