Congratulations to Dr. Young-kyu Choi for Receiving 2020 Cisco Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

Dr. Young-kyu Choi has received 2020 Cisco Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award for his exceptional research contribution during his PhD studies. He is one of four recipients selected for the honor. His PhD work, "Performance Debugging Frameworks for FPGA High-Level Synthesis", provides automated performance estimation, simulation, and optimization framework that helps fix the performance bottleneck of FPGA HLS designs.

After successfully defending his dissertation last year, Dr. Choi has continued to work in the VAST lab as a Postdoctoral Scholar. In addition to improving his performance debugging work, he is also working on providing automated high-level design support for FPGA acceleration with emphasis on HBM-based platforms and Bayesian Networks.

Link to Dr. Choi's dissertation:

Link to Dr. Choi's CV: