2019 CESASC Achievement Award

Prof. Jason Cong was one of three recipients of the 2019 CESASC Achievement Award,  which was given on Sunday, April 142019 at the 57th Annual Convention of Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC). The CESASC is a non-profit professional organization founded in 1962, with the mission to promote and advocate the best interests, aspirations, and professional excellence of Chinese-American engineers and scientists, and to provide career and educational enhancement opportunities, technical exchange, fellowship and community service.  Past CESASC Achievement Award include Nobel Laureates, industry leaders, heads of institutions, and top policy makers, such as Dr. Steve Chu (朱棣文), Dr. Chen Ning Yang (楊振寧), Dr. Chen-Dau Lee (李政道), Yuan T. Lee (李遠哲), Dr. Samuel C. C. Ting (丁肇中), Dr. David Ho (何大一), Dr. Shu Chien (錢煦), Dr. Henry C. Lee (李昌鈺), Ms. Elaine L. Chao (趙小蘭), plus many more.  More information about CESASC and the award is available at  http://www.cesasc.org.