Licheng Guo

My name is Licheng Guo (郭栗橙). I am currently a third-year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California Los Angeles, advised by Porf. Jason Cong. I received the B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2018. 

I am interested in improving the high-level synthesis tool for FPGA.

I love travelling and aspire to explore every country of this amazing world. I also love music and currently I am actively practicing flute.


Contact:  lcguo [at] cs [dot] ucla [dot] edu




[FPGA'21] AutoBridge: Coupling Coarse-Grained Floorplanning with Pipelining for High-Frequency HLS Design on Multi-Die FPGAs

Licheng Guo, Yuze Chi, Jie Wang, Jason Lau, Weikang Qiao, Ecenur Ustun, Zhiru Zhang and Jason Cong

(* Best Paper Award *)


[FPGA'21] AutoSA: A Polyhedral Compiler for High-Performance Systolic Arrays on FPGA

Jie Wang, Licheng Guo and Jason Cong


[ArXiv] Extending High-Level Synthesis for Task-Parallel Programs

Yuze Chi, Licheng Guo, Young-kyu Choi, Jie Wang, Jason Cong


[ArXiv] When HLS Meets FPGA HBM: Benchmarking and Bandwidth Optimization

Young-kyu Choi, Yuze Chi, Jie Wang, Licheng Guo, Jason Cong


[DAC'20] Analysis and Optimization of the Implicit Broadcasts in FPGA HLS to Improve Maximum Frequency

Licheng Guo*, Jason Lau*, Yuze Chi, Jie Wang, Cody Hao Yu, Zhe Chen, Zhiru Zhang and Jason Cong


[FCCM'19] Hardware Acceleration of Long Read Pairwise Overlapping in Genome Sequencing: A Race Between FPGA and GPU

Licheng Guo*, Jason Lau*, Zhenyuan Ruan, Peng Wei and Jason Cong


[FPL'18] SMEM++: A Pipelined and Time-Multiplexed SMEM Seeding Accelerator for Genome Sequencing

Jason Cong, Licheng Guo*, Po-Tsang Huang, Peng Wei, Tianhe Yu*  (Alphabetical ordering)


(* indicates co-first authors)





2017 Chu Kochen Scholarship, the highest honor for students at Zhejiang University (12 / All)