Peipei Zhou

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Peipei is a 4th year PhD student (6th year graduate student researcher). She received her M.S. degree under supervision of Prof. Cong on June. 2014 and B.S. degree from Chien-Shiung Wu Honors College of Southeast University, Nanjing, China on June, 2012.  

Her research interests lie in Parallel/Distributed architecture and programming, performance and energy model for computer architecture design. She is involved in research projects including customized computing for precision medicine, deep learning, and accelerator-rich architectures.

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Spark Related:

1. Yu-Ting Chen, Jason Cong, Sen Li, Myron Peto, Paul Spellman, Peng Wei, and Peipei Zhou. CS-BWAMEM: A fast and scalable read aligner at the cloud scale for whole genome sequencing. High Throughput Sequencing Algorithms and Applications (HITSEQ) Poster Session Dublin, Ireland, July 2015. Best Poster Award

Architecture Model Related:

1. Chen Zhang, Zhenman Fang, Peipei Zhou, Jason Cong. Caffeine: Towards Uniformed Representation and Acceleration for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Full Paper. 2016 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD 2016), Austin, November 2016.

2. Peipei Zhou, Hyunseok Park, Zhenman Fang, Jason Cong, Andre DeHon. Energy Efficiency of Full Pipelining: A Case Study for Matrix Multiplication. FCCM'16, Short Paper, Washington DC, May 2016. 

3. Yu-Ting Chen, Jason Cong, Zhenman Fang, and Peipei Zhou. ARAPrototyper: Enabling Rapid Prototyping and Evaluation for the Accelerator-Rich Architecture. 24th ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays(FPGA '16) Poster

4. Yu-Ting Chen, Jason Cong, Zhenman Fang, Bingjun Xiao and Peipei Zhou. ARAPrototyper: Enabling Rapid Prototyping and Evaluation for the Accelerator-Rich Architecture. arxiv 2016. Oct. 

5. Jason Cong, Hui Huang, Chiyuan Ma, Bingjun Xiao and Peipei Zhou. A Fully Pipelined and Dynamically Composable Architecture of CGRA. Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM'14), Full Paper, Boston, Massachusetts, May 2014.